Online Sweepstake 

The only online sports sweepstake of its kind. 

£5 Stake with Manchester United would have won you £50

£5 stake on Manchester United would have won you £50. Don't miss out next year! 


Just like your every other office sweepstake, just online, giving you the opportunity to enter more! Simply stake £2 or £5 on a team in the Premiership, Championship or La Liga in the 2011/12 season, and if your team wins, you will win £20 or £50 respectively.


Payment will be completed via Paypal, with contact details needed for future reference. These will not be passed on to third party companies as stated in our privacy statement. Winnings will be then given via Paypal also.

Premiership Team

£ 2 

£2 Stake on a premiership team to win the league. If your team wins, you win £20!

Introductory Offer!

Buy 2 teams in any competition and get 1 free! 


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